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Sunday, January 15th 2023

/// 2022 has left for the archives now and while facing a very special anniversary this year, we decided to hand out a little sonic present for all and everyone who was part of our journey, part of our way, part of this bundle of thoughts, memories and reflections we might call history. There are a lot of activities around the corner and while new music and several apparitions are in the making, we just want to say “Thank You” for all our support, all your faith, all your being with us through the thick and the thin. ///

Sunday, January 8th 2023

/// There are a handful of apparitions to happen this year. Details to find in the live section ///

Sunday, January 1st 2023

/// A happy New Year to all of you. 2023 is going to be quite special for us and there are a lot of exciting things around the corner. Stay tuned... ///


From the veiny rivers of melancholy to the craggy rocks of disturbance, from the glaciated deserts of bleakness to the vast oceans of longing, from the lightless chasms of despair to the highest peaks piercing a bright sky - you can't put your finger on an emotional map and find certainty about the place the music of Golden Apes will bring you to. It is all in there and on opposite poles at the same time, an atlas shaping and changing with every sound that enters your ears, with every syllable that enters your head. Trojan harmonies ...

And from their debut "Stigma" (2000) to their latest output "Kasbek" (2019) the Golden Apes manage to deny any kind of tangibility, step back behind the music like being messengers only, delivering the map that guides you, leads you out to the land of swarms, to the places that scare and shelter you ... to the rivers and the deserts ...


/// Thu, February 9th 2023 | Lux | Hanover (Ger) | info

/// Fri, February 10th 2023 | Hole44 | Berlin (Ger) | info

/// Sat, February 11th 2023 | Naumanns | Leipzig (Ger) | info

/// Fri, February 17th 2023 | Bahnhof Langendreer | Bochum (Ger) | info

/// Sat, February 18th 2023 | Nachtleben | Frankfurt/M (Ger) | info

/// Sun, February 19th 2023 | Bachstage | Munich (Ger) | info

/// Sat, March 25th 2023 | Dark Skies Over Witten - Werk-Stadt | Witten (Ger) | info

/// Sat, April 29th 2023 | Dark Spring Festival - Lido | Berlin (Ger) | info

/// Sat, May 27th 2023 | Wave Gotik Treffen - Hellraiser | Leipzig (Ger) | info

/// Sun, July 16th 2023 | Castle Party | Bolków (Pl) | info

/// August 25th-26th 2023 | Prague Gothic Treffen | Prague (Cz) | info