"And again they defy definition, slip away from the grid of specific genre characteristics for spreading on 12 songs a musical language that sounds different but familiar, that adapts and permutes, that creates and deconstructs, that bears space and claustrophobic closeness...

KASBEK is the essence of the band´s last two years and, at the same time, an analysis of its history without sounding retrospective or backward-looking. In fact, quite to the contrary, with songs like "Oblivion", "Vento", "Sleep" or the enchanting "Dust & Dew", which are acoustic derivatives, owning all that the GOLDEN APES' sound is made of but unique in their own right...for being further, more resolute, deeper...Anthemic, dark, elegiac, disturbing and yet somehow soothing..."(Vito Schneider)

Available as compact disc, digital download and limited vinyl edition


Sunday, June 07th 2020

/// Due to the fact that KASBEK was released on this day one year ago, we lauch a special KASBEK week with alluring offers in our SHOP and a few more things to come during the next seven days.///

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Monday, May 25th 2020

/// VOYNA is coming! For details and support have a look here: Cinvat Bridge///

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Friday, March 13th 2020

/// It´s with a broken heart that we have to announce the cancellation of this years Dark Spring Festival due to the current mess around. We hope we can count on your understanding and see all of you safe and healthy next year again. For details relating to your tickets have a look at the festival facebook page///

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From the veiny rivers of melancholy to the craggy rocks of disturbance, from the glaciated deserts of bleakness to the vast oceans of longing, from the lightless chasms of despair to the highest peaks piercing a bright sky - you can't put your finger on an emotional map and find certainty about the place the music of Golden Apes will bring you to. It is all in there and on opposite poles at the same time, an atlas shaping and changing with every sound that enters your ears, with every syllable that enters your head. Trojan harmonies ...

And from their debut "Stigma 3.am" (2000) to their latest output "Kasbek" (2019) the Golden Apes manage to deny any kind of tangibility, step back behind the music like being messengers only, delivering the map that guides you, leads you out to the land of swarms, to the places that scare and shelter you ... to the rivers and the deserts ...


March 26th / 27th 2021 | Dark Spring Festival XI | Lido | Berlin (Germany) | Details