The new single...available now via bandcamp


saturday, october 23rd 2021

two more upcomg shows: friday, november 5th - Liege, Belgium.le garage and on saturday, november 6th at the l´internationalin paris ///

monday, september 20th 2021

first show in a while. saturday, 25th of september at the moritzbastei/leipzig (germany).details ///

friday, july 16th 2021

/// satori, the new golden apes single and our first sign of life for about 2 years is released today via Icy Cold Records. The last months were strange, stirring, inspiring, sad, redemptive, important, useless, eye-opening and exciting and so we are more than excited to send out this little tune today, accompanied by some colourful moving pictures, hoping you´ll like it as much as it it´s making was important for us. There´s more to come…promised...///


From the veiny rivers of melancholy to the craggy rocks of disturbance, from the glaciated deserts of bleakness to the vast oceans of longing, from the lightless chasms of despair to the highest peaks piercing a bright sky - you can't put your finger on an emotional map and find certainty about the place the music of Golden Apes will bring you to. It is all in there and on opposite poles at the same time, an atlas shaping and changing with every sound that enters your ears, with every syllable that enters your head. Trojan harmonies ...

And from their debut "Stigma" (2000) to their latest output "Kasbek" (2019) the Golden Apes manage to deny any kind of tangibility, step back behind the music like being messengers only, delivering the map that guides you, leads you out to the land of swarms, to the places that scare and shelter you ... to the rivers and the deserts ...


... saturday, sep. 25th 2021 | moritzbastei | leipzig | info

... friday, nov. 5th 2021 | le garage | liege | info

... saturday, nov. 6th 2021 | l`international | paris | info